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Utah Sand Blasting is a division of
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Commercial & Industrial
 Sand Blasting
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 10,000 PSI + Hydroblasting

Let us help you in determining if it is safe to sand blast  for your project  might contain Lead.

Then we can provide Full Contaiment

Lead Base Paint Encapsulation

EPA Approved Green Products
Water Towers - Industrial Tanks - Bridges - Structural Steel - Barges - Bulk Heads
Including Thermal Coatings
Characteristics of Soda Blasting -
Won't Damage Glass Remove Paint from Fiberglass Won't Damage Chrome Water Soluable No Pitting Works Quickly
No Warping Non-Toxic Removes Grease Non-Hazardous Neutralizes Surface Rust 
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We specialize in Water Towers Industrial Tanks & Logos -High Rise Buildings - Chemical Plants - Factories . Casinos
Office Structures - Theme Parks - Custom Cars -Structural Steel - Industrial Pipes - Silos -Vinyl Wall Covering & More

Great Western Painting
Certified in the mining Industry as a Certified MSHA Painting Contractor


Kennott Copper Mines Urainium One Mines

Barrick Gold Mines & Climax Mines

BROWZ Compliant



Silos - Industrial & Commercial Tanks High Rises

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Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractor 


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Chemical  & Industrial Plants Commercial vinyl wall covering,
 & faux painting
, Condominium Complxes -
 Hospitality Painting Hotels. Wood work Hand Rails

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Spray Foam Insulation, Roofing,
SPF Equipment, Insulation Directory,
Insulation Contractors & Installers

Spray foam can be used for insulation
 Noise reduction color You choose, durability, roof  Walls  Ceiling  
 Bacements   texture,  Smooth 

 Warm  Cool 


 insulating storage tanks, double walled tanks,pressure vessels,  and welded tanks.Using Spray
foam insulation adheres to the surface of the tank,  includes filling any cracks or seams and
creates a weather-tight insulating layer between the elements and the storage tank.

 Spray Foam insulation is that it actually increases the structural integrity of any structure—
including storage tanks

 Tank farms  Water towers  Keeps Water Cool 

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